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The thoroughly proven machines, equipped with high-quality, durable precision tooling, ensure cost-effective operations and excellent reliability.
The in-line system is controlled from a touch screen, which is easy to navigate and allows for quick setup of nail parameters. Once the nail dimensions are set, production can take place unmanned, and only limited staff is required to carry out changeovers and maintenance.

Machines from KYA Product Range

KYA Fasteners now launching brand new High Speed Nail Making machine(760 nails per minute). Here we are sharing you the first look of KYA-X90.

KYA Fasteners’s High speed nail making machine is a combination of market demand and any of the advance technology available. It’s designed and developed to be highly automated electromechanical integrated product. This nail making machine have wide usages, simple operation and reliable run. High speed nails making machine KYA-X90 New Design generation, a revolutionary progress in nail making industry. This equipment has the advantages of convenient operation, stable quality, low consumption and low unit cost, low manpower etc.
High speed nail making machine is the new designed nail machine type for making wire nails, D type nails, paper nails, double head nails and clout nails. Speed 600-800 pcs/min, Model X50, X90 and X130,X150.
The maintenance of the high speed nail making machine is the daily work that must be done to keep the machine tool in good condition, prolong the service life and improve the production efficiency.
After the machine tool runs for a certain period of time, wear occurs due to the parts that are in contact with each other. Its working performance is gradually affected. At this time, the machine tool should be checked and adjusted regularly. Regular inspections should generally be carried out by operators under the guidance of maintenance personnel.

KYAnail+ Machine with KYAsmart

This video shows an wire nail making machine of the high-capacity nail + series with smart. KYA's nail manufacturing machine are indeed the more efficient in the market. Featuring the smart software platform, the nail is brought to the next level of high-performance automatic steel nail making machinery by unique patent,two time heading,double-dies and double-punches structure technology to enable extensive quality control and fast trouble shooting.

The automation control system means double capacity, better nail quality, less space requirements, increased user-friendliness, fewer operators and the possibility of unmanned worker can operate 6-8 sets machines at same time.
Manufactured using a high-grade raw material, our products are appreciated for their high efficiency, stupendous performance, and reliability.

Nail Making Machine Detail

Nail Making Machine Features

KYA Nail Machine

● Through disruptive transformation of the traditional nail-making process and the use of automated controls, the problems of inconsistent length, off-center nail head, varying nail head sizes, pointed or bent nails, and limited nail quality due to structural limitations of traditional nail-making machines and the skill level of nail-making workers have been completely resolved. High rates of defective products and wastage have also been addressed.
● This product features disruptive design and innovation in the overall nail-making process, nail head formation, and mechanical design, effectively addressing the various drawbacks of traditional nail-making machines. It significantly reduces production costs, helping businesses to reduce nail-making labor by 50-70% and coiling labor by 35-45%. It greatly improves product quality, reduces production costs, and enhances the core competitiveness of the factory.
● The smart software platform comes with an intuitive touch screen interface, which displays steel nail information, quality, production and performance status. The interface is easy to navigate and allows for quick setup unique user levels.

High Speed Nail Machine Technical Specifications:

Model Nail Length (mm) Nail Diameter (mm) Motor (kw) Speed (pcs/min) Diemensions (mm) Weight (kg)
Machine Wire Pay-off Electric control cabinet Machine Wire Pay-off Electric control cabinet
X50 25-60 1.8-2.8 5.5kw+1.5kw ≤760pcs/min 1500*950*1300mm 1700*1100*1700m 420*700*1050mm 2500kg 250kg 50kg
X90 38-90 2.0-3.5 5.5kw+1.5kw ≤760pcs/min 1900*1200*1150mm 1700*1100*1700m 420*700*1050mm 2800kg 250kg 50kg
X130 70-130 2.5-4.5 7.5kw+2.2kw 500-650pcs/min 2200*1300*1300mm 1700*1100*1700m 420*700*1050mm 3600kg 300kg 50kg
X150 70-150 2.5-5.0 11kw+2.2kw 500-650pcs/min 2400*1400*1400mm 1700*1100*1700mm 420*700*1050mm 4000kg 300kg 50kg

High Speed Nail Machine Main Configuration List

Complete machine bearing.
Main motor.
Speed reducer.
Frequency converter.
Touch screen.
Cam splitter.
Proximity switch.
Synchronous belt.
Synchronous pulley.
Automatic petrol pump.

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X50 High Speed Nail Making Machine

Nail Length (mm):25-60mm
Nail Diameter (mm):1.8-2.8mm
Motor (kw):5.5kw+1.5kw
Speed (pcs/min):760pcs/min
Diemensions (mm):1500x950x1300mm

X90 High Speed Nail Making Machine

Nail Length (mm):38-90mm
Nail Diameter (mm):2.0-3.5mm
Motor (kw):5.5kw+1.5kw
Speed (pcs/min):760pcs/min
Diemensions (mm):1900x1200x1150mm

X130 High Speed Nail Making Machine

Nail Length (mm):70-130mm
Nail Diameter (mm):2.5-4.5mm
Motor (kw):7.5kw+2.2kw
Speed (pcs/min):500-650pcs/min
Diemensions (mm):2200x1300x1300mm

X150 High Speed Nail Making Machine

Nail Length (mm):70-150mm
Nail Diameter (mm):2.5-5.0mm
Motor (kw):11kw+2.2kw
Speed (pcs/min):500-650pcs/min
Diemensions (mm):2400x1400x1400mm

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