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What Are Fence Staples?

Fence staples affix fence wiring to posts. They have divergent points for a secure hold. This means that when a tool drives them into the fencepost, staple’s legs splay outward inside the wood for a firm grip. Because they’ll be outside, they should be corrosion-resistant and coordinate with the type of wiring the fence uses.

Maximum toughness: these 10. 5 gauge 1-9/16" Staples are made of galvanized steel to prevent rust and corrosion. They incorporate a barbed, Divergent tip for maximum holding power in the toughest of applications.

Many uses: these tough and durable glue collated galvanized staples are ideal for a variety of uses including livestock fencing, field fence, horse fencing, heavy mesh fencing, deer fencing, chain link fencing, and utility pole copper ground wire installation.

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Why Fence Staples Are Important

Fencing wire should remain taut and not sag. If you’re trying to keep large animals in, strength and deterrence are critical. Livestock owners may use cables or various kinds of wire, including barbed wire or electric fencing. Farmers and ranchers know that different animals need different kinds of fencing. Horses need highly visible fences that won’t cut or otherwise harm them. Sheep and lambs, and cows and calves, need fences with predator deterrence. Pigs need lower fencing that discourages them from rooting and digging under to escape, while penned bulls will need heavy posts and thick wire or cable. When corralling livestock, don’t underestimate the importance of fence staples. They hold the wire to the posts and are essential to the fencing system.

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