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Joist Hanger Nails:

Used in the hanging of metal hangers, seismic and hurricane ties, anchors and connector straps.

34-degree paper tape collated nail.

Head-stamped for ease of identification.

Factors to Consider:

• Nail size and length

In actual operation, a proper nail length should be 3 times the thickness of the substrate you are nailing through. E.g.,

A 8-penny nail is suitable to fasten a 1-inch-thick material and a 16-penny nail is suitable to fasten a 2-inch-thick


• Material & coating

Sometimes, the elements of the project will be exposed to outdoor or wet conditions for a long time. If so, except for

a proper nail length, an anti-corrosion surface coating is another factor to consider in making the project strong and


○ Electro-galvanized. it is a zinc electrolytic process that adding a thin coating to the carbon steel nails.

Electrogalvanizing coating can withstand dry and low-corrosion applications for a few more months or

possibly an extra year. But it is not recommended for corrosive environments.

○ Hot dipped galvanized. It is an effective way of metal corrosion, mainly used for metal structure on the

facilities of the industry. Hot dipped galvanized nails are recommended for pressure treated wood and

cedar which can cause standard nails to corrode quickly.

○ Stainless Steel 304/316. These types of materials are the appropriate choices for high level corrosion

protection requirement. Especially for most exterior applications. 316 grade stainless steel,

chromium-nickel alloys, can stand up Marine and corrosive industrial atmospheres.

The following information are required for an accurate quotation:

1.Nail type.

2.Head type and surface.

3.Shank type.

4.Point type.


6.Head diameter, shank diameter.

7.Surface coating.

8.Standards to follow.

9.Other characteristic dimensions.

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