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Nail Making Machine

Nail Making Machine Description:

1.Long service life,no less than the traditional common nail making machine, for at least seven years.White belt at low cost and long life which is 5-6 months without an incorrect operation.
2.Automatic oiling , few lubrication points,much less than traditional machines and other nail making machines on market.It is still very tidy when operating.
3.High Production. Set specification 2550 as an example,about 900 kg / 8 hours.
4.No dismantle if not change nail mold specifications which can work for 3 months. Nail cutter 60 classes (8 hours / day, 2.5 wire diameter). Punch time is five times than ordinary equipment depending on the actual using status.
5.Nail cutter do cutting without touch, shear number can reach at least 800 million times (8,000,000 is the cutting times of wire diameter 2.0mm, rough wire diameter will multiplied);low consumption of nail mold, no crack, no fixed mold raw wear, no mold clogging, a single pair of nail mold can cut at least 50 million times, punching is more than 25 million times. Nail cutter, nail mold, punch can be repaired for many times at the same cost compared with general equipment.
6.Super energy-saving: actual consumption of High- speed nail making machine is about 3.5KW,1 ton nail output can save electricity about 20 degrees; while 2.5 sets of ordinary nail making machine consumption is 5-6KW due to long slide stroke and multi sliding friction parts
7. 60% labor saving because of its high efficiency. Coiling nails efficiency gains at least 50% with a high-frequency welding
machine as each nail is quality product without stuck and stop, even if in the speed of 1900 nails/min, coiling speed can improve 30%, so that can reduce 40% labor cost.

8. Seven alarming sensors can protect the machine and ensure the nail quality very well.

Nail Making Machine Feature:

(1) Twice stamping

Dual-mode double-punch

● Nail head can be punched well even the shank is uneven.

● Big nail head.

● Nail head with out knock marks to ensure consistency.

● Uniform thickness of the nail cap diameter.

● Hollow design nail die,no small head,no ash blacking,no clip crumbs,no cracking,no frequent dies demolition.

(2)Nail blade holder uses the pendulum structure

● Short distance,low mechanical wear

● High precision, nail cutter works without touch, low tool wear.

● More than 10 million times of single-blade shear, more time-saving and labor saving.

(3)Feeding and rewinding structure

● High - precision feeding device. The error of each nail length is controlled within 0.3mm

● Unique wire feeding and retreating combination, each nail through the wire feeding, cutting, wire retreating, three mechanical action, the nail will be completely separated from the nail shank to ensure quality.

Video-Nail Making Machine Production:

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