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Sofa Spring includes zigzag spring / coil spring / cushion pocket spring. Our sofa springs provide steady supporting effect to the seat, allowing close fitting to your body, more durable and more comfortable. We also supply customers with a variety of customized sofa springs and service, to meet different needs.

Rolling Zigzag Sofa Spring For Sofa, zig zag spring, sinuous spring are mainly made from high carbon steel wire. They are widely used in sofa(seat and back), chair (seat and back), automobile car. KYA spring can make different shap like flat, curve, round, super loop or up to clients requirements. 

1. Rolling zigzag spring

H (mm) W (mm) WD (mm) L (mm)
38-50 16-35 2.6-4.3 Client requirement

Zigzag spring by coil, it can be made of a variety of gauges and lengths, to be cut by any sizes as you request. Mostly use in sofa seat and back.

2. Round zigzag spring

H (mm) W (mm) WD (mm) L (mm)
38-50 16-35 2.6-4.3 Client requirement


Round zigzag spring make the sofa seat with durable elasticity and comfortable.

3. Functional zigzag spring

H (mm) W (mm) WD (mm) L (mm)
43-51 16-35 2.6-4.3 Client requirement

Functional Spring-3

Functional zigzag spring is with special bend. Mostly use in functional sofa seat, enhance the rebounce of springs.

4. Flat zigzag spring

H (mm) W (mm) WD (mm) L (mm)
38-50 16-35 2.6-4.3 Client requirement

Flat Zigzag Spring

Flat zigzag spring make the straght shape. It mostly uses in chairs and car seat.

5. Curve zigzag spring

H (mm) W (mm) WD (mm) L (mm)
38-50 16-35 2.6-4.3 Client requirement

Curve Zigzag Spring

Curve zigzag spring can be shape to customer requirements. Different lengths available, mostly use in sofa seat.

6. Super loop zigzag spring

H (mm) W (mm) WD (mm) L (mm)
70-76 30-50 2.6-4.3 Client requirement


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