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Taihuwan journey in August, 2022 - KYA

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In order to adjust the pressure, build vivacious working atmosphere, so that everyone can better dedicate in the coming work period.

Our company specially organized the group building activity in Changzhou.

It locates near Shanghai and Suzhou city, which is also a comfortable and beautiful living place. This city is also famous for the National 5A Scenic Spot Dinosaur Park, the biggest one in China.

Taihubay Camping valley is newly building resort area in the south area of Changzhou, which attracted many neighbour people and the visitors fromother provinces in summer.

We prepared the camping tents, various of snacks and soft drinks, enjoyed relax chat together, then we had fun on many amusement projects.


Grass skiing

Deep integration with nature, see and hear the happiness; Challenge ourselves, release the nature of love to play, flying mood.


Glass walkways

Standing on the glass platform 15 meters above the ground, you can enjoy a bird 's-eye view of the whole garden.


Vitality zone

A new and unpowered project lands, makes your happy time returns. Running pigs, cherry blossom swing trees, sand digging machine, spinning swing, spinning bike...

Take in the sun, relax, and have some quiet time.


Karting car

It meets our demands of crazy and happiness; both adults and child reach too much fun and happiness.


After so many activities, we shared a interesting and delicious outdoor barbecue.

Thanks to boss and other colleagues cooked and baked the food for us in high temperature.


When night comes, we lived in the motor home. Modern interior style, complete business facilities, exposure to natural oxygen bar, relieve pressure

This journey is a little tired but also happy, which is like work life, some pressure but fulfilling. We will enter the work with more energy and enthusiasm!

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