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International Hardware Fair Cologne 4-7 March 2018

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Last week we finished our business trip on Cologne, four days exhibition with more than 2,770 exhibitors from 58 countries and over 47,000 trade visitors from 143 countries came to Cologne. Decision-makers from all over the world made use of the number one event of the hardware industry to discover the new products, innovations and trends of the industry.


The main purpose of our participation in this exhibition is to maintain established customers, and also want to searching more new clients in Europe market, because Europe is a large consumer group of all kinds of hardware supplies, and this fair providing an opportunity for us.


During the fair, we met with Italy, UK, Spanish.. customers and talk about coil nails in Europe market for now, every customers has complained the Chinese supplier as their poor delivery and strict environmental protection under Chinese government, the price always get rising everyday. Certainly we fully accept the current problems, in future we will considerate more about situation and 

offer our customer a more accurate delivery time and more competitivenness price.


Third day of the exhibition all most the most busy day for us, many of our established clients come to visit our booth, such as PEACE INDUSTRIES, ASCUATRO, KYOCERA, IZIFIX, SENCO... certainly most of them care about the delivery time, and also the price of new year purchase plan. We got a lot of samples of staples and nails from different market, it show everything got a little changed, people need new products and more powerful tool more strong nails to meet their customer’s request.


But well, this fair is easy to reach for professional customers in Europe market, choose from a wide variety of additional services, we accept many of customers request and new size stander, this will be promote our service and professionalism.

we know that "a long way to go. We will also continue to enhance the management system, to accelerate KYA branding process, rational face to market demand, making more quality service to customers and friends.

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