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KYA 122th China import and Export Fair 2017 Report

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We finished a five days schedule about 122th Canton Fair(15th-19th, Oct 2017). The 12th Canton Fair on the 15th in Guangzhou Pazhou Complex opening, about 25,000 enterprises in China with more than 160,000 kinds of goods exhibitors, the total exhibition area of the exhibition is 1.185 million square meters, the total number of booths 60466. There has together from all over the China hardware products suppliers, you can find any tools you want.

As one of the exhibitors, we assigned to the hardware and tools Pavilion C area 14-4B21, about samples we take all of type staples of 71 series, 80 series, 71 series, 84 series, 90 series, 92 series,97 Series, T & F brad nails, hog rings also the concrete nails..., all size of coil nails from 2.1~3.33 diam wire.

Stapler and nailers also be taken there, that’s all to make sure customer can find what they need.

During the five days fair, our booth met a lot of exhibitors most come from Russia, Middle East, Southeast Asia, North Africa and South America. They all have one same goal for look the best products with the most competitive price, but it’s not well for us.

The first customer to visit our booth and also the most make me could not forget is a couple of Russian, Aleksei and Kate, fortunately they could speak a fluent Chinese, it makes our communicate very well, we got their inquiry about 53 series office staples. Thought our price is not satisfied him well, we still keep a photo to record.

In the next few days, we received a total of 127 guests from all over the world, and make site offer 115 times, all shows our effect in China Hardware Fastening market.

Now Hardware industry in the highly competitive today, Even the raw material and package all the cost is rising. Changzhou KYA Trading Co., Ltd. will be more honest, more mature, more professional attitude, partnership with customers and achieve win-win!

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