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KYA Asia Pacific Sourcing Exhibition In Koln 25-27 Feb,2019

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Asia Pacific Sourcing Exhibition In Koln 25-27 Feb,2019

Hello All,Welcome to visit our wbesite to know more about company industry and business.

We have already finished the Asia Pacific Sourcing Exhibition In Koln 25-27 Feb,2019.It is bigger and fruitful hardware fastener show.

As a Exhibitors,we met more new customers,also talked more new products and future cooperation plan.

Most customers is from Italy,Germany,Latvia,Hungary, Czech Republic,UK etc..They talked more European market economics and future commercial chance.We received more important information to enlarge our business in Europe.

For this show,we have a new product show.It is KYA-400B type rebar tying machine.More customers are interested in this tools.Some customers directly bought our machine,and somes need us to offer more details information to promote this machine in their market.

This machine is Power tool,it can be used for construction site and building.It can save more time and lablorcost.It is efficient working.

400b rebar tierrebar tying wire

At this exhibition,we met some old customers and talked more previous business cooperation,including definite order production and delivery etc. Some customer also tell us new product to develop for new business project.

We trust our company will have long term business with every customers.And our products can meet all customers with nice quality and price.

We fully hope to enlarge more business,not only old customers,but also new customers and new products.

All our best service to All our customers.


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