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Business Visiting In North America 2017

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Last month, we made a half-month visit for our clients in North America and South America, the purpose of this business trip is mainly to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between the two sides, and found the problems in cooperation, on the other hand to solve customer questions.

This trip to North America, more than thirty thousand miles, we are also led to the sparsely populated, not as crowded as our home town, everything is so quiet and natural even can see the wild animals running on the road. 

Live in a etiquette state. Car pedestrians, when we crossed the street, the car will reduce speed very far, about 10m stopping after through the road they could start the engine. This will be learned for us.

The task of our trip is to maintain the current major clients, seek orders for the second half of the year, we visited the customer, in addition to S company in the center of Mexico, the other four are in the suburbs. 

S company’s manager received us, and we also feel the warmth of the people of South America, after visiting some of the attractions, we come to their warehouse, when we came into we saw a clean, tidy scene unlike most of our domestic factories. They showed us their package that anther one of their supplier provide, each of pallet goods is very tidy, and they use of very thick cover to ensure that the nails will not be broken in the ocean shipment.

Quality is always the most important in our business relationships, they also made a few request for us. Firstly the nails diameter must within the scope of the contract; second the each of type package according to their requirements, and we confirmed their needs and make a promise to them, we could do best for it. 

Mr Albert, one of D company’s senior engineer for more than twelve years. He also explains what is quality, the price relationship, why customer require batch products zero defect, and look forward to our long-term strategic partner, they also have question about our delivery time, why we need so long time. And we made a response for that, because the Chinese government’s environmental policy, most of factories almost stopped working, we purchase raw materials and package time has greatly increased, which also led to the price rising. Fortunately they are understood us, and give us their purchase plan of next few month.

After finished we learned what is most important, we need to know our customer really need, think about more for them, the price is not the key between two sides. We will do better in the further work.

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