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What are different types of nails used for?

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There are many different types of nails and each sort of nail has its own intended purpose. For example, 16d nails are used when fastening the studs to the frame of a wall. These are the longest of the three lengths used throughout the majority of the framing process. 10d nails are used when studs need to be doubled. This size (3 inches) is ideal for this scenario because it is long enough to penetrate both boards, but not so long that it will exit the other side of the joined board. 8d (2 inch long) nails are commonly used when toenailing, or inserting the nail at an angle to produce a butt joint. 8d nails are also used when attaching subfloors, furring, or other thin materials to the framed structure.

Shorter nails are often used as well, but throughout other stages of the framing process. 6d (2-inch nails) are used when fastening plywood sheathing and 2d (1-inch) nails are common when attaching joist hangers.

Another important distinction that must be made when choosing which nails to use is whether or not the nails will be exposed to the outside elements, or to a lot of moisture and temperature changes. For indoor spaces which shouldn't have to suffer the effects of weather, vinyl sinkers (vinyl coated nails) are a top choice. This vinyl coating makes these nails easier to drive into lumber, and they tend to go in more smoothly. Galvanized nails are a better choice for outdoor areas where the nails may be subject to an environment that could cause rust. Galvanized nails are rust resistant and will hold up much longer than others when used for exterior projects.

The next point of consideration when choosing which nail to use is as simple as knowing whether or not you intend to use a nail gun or a simple hammer. Nail guns are made to use specific lengths of nail, and sometimes even specific nail brands. When using a nail gun, be sure to check the specifications noted for the gun and make certain that you've got the correct hardware for that tool.

There are other specific situations that would require a framer to choose certain types of nails for what they are working on, but these are the main points to consider. The basic shape or nature of the project, whether or not a nail gun is being used, and whether this portion of the project is going to be interior or exterior are the first things to think about.

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