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18 Gauge Galvanized Brad Nails

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18 Gauge Galvanized Brad Nails , With a 18 gauge size to create smaller holes and a chisel point to help prevent splitting in expensive trim woods, these finish nails do the job precisely every time. GAUGE: 18GA HEAD WIDTH: 2.00mm WIDTH: 1.25mm THICKNESS: 1.00mm LENGTH: 13mm - 57mm
  • 1/2 Inch ~ 2-1/4 Inch

  • KYA


Product Overview
  • Compatible with most 18 gauge brad nailers.

  • Glue collated.

  • Smooth surface: Galvanized finish for greater rust resistance.

  • Function: Use for moldings, picture-frame assembly, trim and cabinetry building.

  • Convenient to use with Chisel Point, Slight Head, Straight trip collation.

  • Collation type adhesive for high durable, Fewer tool jams for finer carpentry and finishing.

  • Galvanized surface makes better rust and corrosion resisitance.

  • High hardness, easy to nail.

Product Description

18 Gauge Galvanized Brad Nails 

Head Width: 2.0mm, Slight T head.

Width: 1.25mm

Thickness: 1.00mm

Length: 13mm(1/2 inch) ~ 57mm(2-1/4 inch)

Shank: Smooth

Finishing: Galvanized,Stainless Steel (SS).

galvanized brad nails

Packing Details

Item Our Spec.  Length Pcs/Stick Package
mm inch Pcs/Box Bxs/Ctn Ctns/Pallet Weight   Ctn
Weight   Pallet
 F/13 F  Brads Nails


HEAD WIDTH: 2.00mm
    WIDTH:  1.25mm
    THICKNESS: 1.00mm
    LENGTH: 13mm—57mm
13mm 1/2" 100Pcs 5000Pcs 30Bxs 50 17.65Kgs 882.5Kgs
 F/15 15mm 5/8" 100Pcs 5000Pcs 30Bxs 50 20.05Kgs 1002.5Kgs
 F/16 16mm 5/8" 100Pcs 5000Pcs 30Bxs 50 21.37Kgs 1068.5Kgs
 F/19 19mm 3/4" 100Pcs 5000Pcs 20Bxs 50 17.7Kgs 885Kgs
 F/20 20mm 13/16" 100Pcs 5000Pcs 20Bxs 50 17.94Kgs 897Kgs
 F/22 22mm 7/8" 100Pcs 5000Pcs 20Bxs 50 19.7Kgs 985Kgs
 F/25 25mm 1" 100Pcs 5000Pcs 20Bxs 50 22.3Kgs 1115Kgs
 F/28 28mm 1-1/8" 100Pcs 5000Pcs 20Bxs 50 25.1Kgs 1255Kgs
 F/30 30mm 1-3/16" 100Pcs 5000Pcs 10Bxs 60 14Kgs 840Kgs
 F/32 32mm 1-1/4" 100Pcs 5000Pcs 10Bxs 60 14.3Kgs 858Kgs
 F/35 35mm 1-3/8" 100Pcs 5000Pcs 10Bxs 60 15.7Kgs 942Kgs
 F/38 38mm 1-1/2" 100Pcs 5000Pcs 10Bxs 60 16.74Kgs 1004.4Kgs
 F/40 40mm 1-9/16" 100Pcs 5000Pcs 10Bxs 60 17.8Kgs 1068Kgs
 F/44 44mm 1-3/4" 100Pcs 5000Pcs 10Bxs 50 19.3Kgs 965Kgs
 F/45 45mm 1-3/4" 100Pcs 5000Pcs 10Bxs 50 19.9Kgs 995Kgs
 F/50 50mm 2" 100Pcs 5000Pcs 10Bxs 50 21.8Kgs 1090Kgs
 F/57 57mm 2-1/4" 100Pcs 5000Pcs 10Bxs 50 26.7Kgs 1335Kgs
brad nails
finish nails


Furniture making.

Indoor decorations.


Trim and baseboard.

Molding making.

cladding floor boards.

Floor strips.

Decoration strips.

galvanized brad nails

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