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SRN9034 34 Degree Nails Framing Nailer

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SRN9034 34 Degree Nails Framing Nailer WEIGHT:3.90kgs(8.60lbs) Aluminum body DIMENSIONS:460mm x 108mm x 360mm LOAD CAPACITY:86-94 pcs OPERATING PRESSURE:70-120psi(5-8.3bar)
  • SRN9034
  • KYA
  • KYA-SRN9034
  • 3.90kgs (8.60lbs)
  • 70-120psi (5-8.3bar)
  • 86-94 pcs
  • 34 Degree Paper tape collated Framing nails

SRN9034 34 Degree Nails Framing Nailer

SRN9034 34 Degree Nails Framing Nailer has a tool free depth adjust and easy-load magazine.  It's great for framing, sheathing, remodeling and general outdoor uses.

● Tool-free depth of drive adjustment prevents over-driving.

● ool-free adjustable exhaust.

● Drives 34 degree paper tape offset round head and clipped head nails from 2 in. to 3-1/4 in. L and 0.113 in. to 0.131in. Dia.

● Designed to prevent slippage during angled nailing.

● Rubber over-molded handle, trigger for enhanced comfort and grip.

● Light weight and well balanced for easy operating.

Product Description

Model: SRN9034 34 Degree Nails Framing Nailer
Air Tool Type: Air Nailer
Tool Diamensions: 460mm x 108mm x 360mm
Net Tool Weight: 3.90kgs(8.60 lbs)
Body Material: Aliminum Body
Operate Pressure: 70-120psi (5-8.3bar)
Load Capacity: 86-94 nails
Nails Type: 34 degree paper tape collated framing nails
Nails Head Diameter: 0.276"(7.0mm)-0.283"(7.2mm)
Nails Shank Diameter: 0.113"(2.87mm)-0.131"(3.33mm)
Nails Length: 2"(50mm)-3-1/4"(83mm)
Nails Shank Type:


smooth shanl strip nails

34 Degree Paper Collated Framing Nails
Nails Head Diameter:0.276"(7.0mm)-0.283"(7.2mm)
Nails Shank Diameter:0.113"(2.87mm)-0.131"(3.33mm)
Nails Length:2"(50mm)-3-1/4"(83mm)
Nails Shank Type:Screw,Smooth,Ring

34 degree framing nailer


 Light weight and well balanced for easy operating.

 Superior power with hardened one piece piston for professional application.

 Tool free depth of drive adjustment for flush or countersunk drive into varying material.

 Hardened claw tip,reduces wear and limits slippage when driving at a stand angle.

 Single safety with comfortable rubber grip.

 Professional nailer for heavy duty work with great powerful.


Floor and wall framing.

Window build up.

Wall sheathing.

Mobile home and housing construction.

Siding and bridging.


Questions & Answers

Q: What size nails for framing nailer?

A: 34 Degree Paper tape collated nails

Q: What degree framing nailer is best?

A: 1. SRN9034 34 Degree Nails Framing Nailer – KYA

    2. NuMax SFR2190 Framing Nailer 

    3. Hitachi NR90AES1 Pneumatic Framing Nailer.

    4. BOSTITCH F21PL Framing Nailer.

Q: Can i use a framing nailer for siding?

A: Yes, Framing nailer used 2 in to 4 in nails for sheathing , siding and housing construction.

Q: What degree framing nailer should i buy?

A: We supply 21 degree and 34 degree framing nailer. You can choose what you need.

Q: How much psi for framing nailer?

A: Operate Pressure: 70-120psi (5-8.3bar).

Q: Can i use a framing nailer for sheathing?

A: Yes,it's good for sheathing.

Q: What is a framing nailer used for?

A: the 2 in -4 in. Clipped Head Framing Nailer. This nailer allows a wide range of fastener diameters and has an internal piston catch to deliver consistent driving power. It offers a comfortable, over-molded grip and lightweight aliminum housing that help reduce user fatigue. The selectable trigger can be set for contact-or sequential fire. The tool is designed to prevent slippage during angled nailing and equipped with a no-mar pad that helps prevent scuffing or damage to the work surface.

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No.   Symptom Problems Solutions
1.1 Air Leak  Air leak in the cylinder cap when tools don't work  1.Loose head valve piston seal or o-rings . Check and replace the head valve piston set
2.Worn or damaged o-ring or cylinder cap gasket under cylinder cap  Check and replace o-ring or cylinder cap gasket under the cylinder cap
1.2 Air leak in Trigger area  when tools don't work 1.Damaged o-ring in trigger valve  Check and replace  o-ring
2.Damaged o-ring in trigger valve stem  Check and replace o-ring
3.Dirt in the trigger valve Check and clean the trigger valve
1.3 Air leak in cylinder cap when tools are working  1.Damaged head valve piston o-rings Check and replace  o-rings
2.Damaged seal under cylinder cap  Check and replace seal
1.4 Air leak in nose when tools are working  1.Worn or damaged bumper Check and replace bumper
2.Loose driver(piston unit) thread Check and replace driver(piston unit) 
1.5 Air leak in Trigger area when tools are working 1.Worn or damaged trigger valve head Check and replace trigger valve head
2.Damaged head valve piston o-rings Check and replace head valve piston o-rings
2 Failed to get driver(piston unit) back to the correct position completely. 1.The driver(piston unit) is not straight or the driver guide(nose) is wrong assembled. Straighten the driver(piston unit)  or verify driver guide(nose) and magazine  
2.Worn or damaged nozzle   Check and replace nozzle 
3.The space between piston o-ring and  cylinder is too tight. Check if the cylinder is adequate lubrication or replace the o-ring on the piston.
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