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Quality Clinch Clips from KYA Fasteners

Hartco Clips are made of high quality material, and jointed with two Poly Ethylene cording,which does not degrade over time to ensure the stability and smooth oc the clips,Rolls of clips will be more convenient and efficient to use.they are mainly used in the connection between the frame and the spring of mattress or sofa and car seat assembling.

Clinch Clips come in a range of sizes and can be used for a range of applications, upholstery, fencing, gabions, Animal cages to name a few. We produce Clinch clips loose to be used with our hand tools and also on collated strips for professional use.

Our clinch clips are made by us in the China, we also stock a wide range of hand & Air tools for quick and neat closures of our range of clips.

hartco clips

◀ Materials ▶ Made of High Quality Galvanized or Cold-roll Steel (Optional, please click to choose)

◀ High Quality ▶ ① Galvanized: Glossy appearance, Rust-proof surface, Superior corrosion resistance, Excellent rust resistance, Longer service life. ② Cold-roll Steel: Wear-resistant, High hardness, Good crack resistance, Good mechanical properties, High dimensional accuracy

◀ Satisfy Your Needs ▶ Ideal for spring mattress, car seat, sofa spring, lobster traps, clam traps, fencing, wire cages, bedding, upholstering, etc.

Hartco Clips Size:

hartco clips size



HR-CL or   CLP-159,90060594,000CTN.64A18S10,34080827,200CTN.0.64016.260.43010.92 13/3210.32
HR-CL or   CLP-224,50060270,000CTN.68H18S4,70080376,000CTN.0.68617.420.86021.84 15/3211.90
HR-CL or   CLP-139,00060540,000CTN.71A18S9,40080752,000CTN.0.70817.980.43010.92  7/1611.11
HR-CL or   CLP-204,86060291,600CTN.72E18S6,11080488,800CTN.0.72018.290.67017.02 15/3211.90
HR-CL or   CLP-23123,96060237,600CTN.74F18S5,07680406,080CTN.0.73618.690.73518.67  1/212.70
HR-CL or   CLP-233,60060216,000CTN.74H18S4,23080338,400CTN.0.73618.690.73518.67  1/212.70
HR-CL or   CLP-26

76A18S8,46080676,800CTN.0.76819.510.43010.92  1/212.70

80F18S5,07680406,080CTN.0.80020.320.73518.67 17/3213.49
HR-CL or   CLP-3123,56460213,840CTN.80F23S4,32080345,600CTN.0.80020.320.73518.67  1/212.70
HR-CL or   CLP-253,60060216,000CTN.80H18S4,23080338,400CTN.0.80020.320.86021.84 17/3213.49
HR-CL or   CLP-33,60060216,000CTN.80H23S3,60080288,000CTN.0.80021.320.86021.84  1/212.70
HR-CL or   CLP-307,20060432,000CTN.85A18S7,52080601,600CTN.0.85621.740.43010.92  9/1614.29
HR-CL or   CLP-32

88A22S6,72080537,600CTN.0.88122.380.43010.92  9/1614.29
HR-CL or   CLP-4123,16860190,080CTN.88F23S3,84080307,200CTN.0.88022.350.73518.67  9/1614.29
HR-CL or   CLP-42,88060172,800CTN.88H23S3,20080256,000CTN.0.88022.350.86021.84  9/1614.29
HR-CL or   CLP-24123,46560207,900CTN.90F18S3,94880315,840CTN.0.90022.860.73518.67  5/815.88
HR-CL or   CLP-24H3,15060189,000CTN.90H17S3,29080263,200CTN.0.90022.860.86021.84  5/815.88
HR-CL or   CLP-24 3,15060189,000CTN.90H18S3,29080263,200CTN.0.90022.860.86021.84  5/815.88
HR-CL or   CLP-72L

91F23S3,84080307,200CTN.0.91023.110.43010.92  9/1614.29
HR-CL or   CLP-75S

95F23S3,36080268,800CTN.0.93823.830.73518.67 21/3216.67
HR-CL or   CLP-95,76060345,600CTN.96A23S5,60080448,000CTN.0.96024.380.43010.92 19/3215.08
HR-CL or   CLP-24L3,15060189,000CTN.97H18S3,29080263,200CTN.0.97024.640.86021.84  5/815.88
HR-CL or   CLP-52,16060129,600CTN.101H22S2,80080224,000CTN.1.01025.650.86021.84 11/1617.46
HR-CL or   CLP-342,16060129,600CTN.101H23S2,80080224,000CTN.1.01025.650.86021.84 11/1617.46

110A18S6,58080526,400CTN.1.10027.940.43010.92 21/3216.67
HR-CL or   CLP-351,224108132,192CTN.110E25S1,443160230,880CTN.1.10027.940.67017.02 23/3218.26
HR-CL or   CLP-362,04060122,400CTN.110H25S2,22080177,600CTN.1.10027.940.86021.84 23/3218.26
HR-CL or   CLP-36102,85660171,360CTN.112D25S3,10880248,640CTN.1.12028.450.62015.75 23/3218.26
HR-CL or   CLP-613,36060201,600CTN.125A38S3,36080268,800CTN.1.25031.750.43010.92 11/1617.46
HR-CL or   CLP-642,88060172,800CTN.132A38S3,00080240,000CTN.1.32033.530.43010.92  3/419.05
HR-CL or   CLP-381,4006084,000CTN.135H31S1,55080124,000CTN.1.35034.290.86021.84 13/1620.64
HR-CL or   CLP-39

146H31S1,55080124,000CTN.1.46037.080.86021.84 13/1620.64

Clinch clips in use

Application:Spring mattress,Car seat,Pet cage,Spring sofa etc.


Clinch clips are great for assembling gabions they give a secure hold to the baskets and keep them in shape while fitting helical corners, combined with our Forrest clip plier they are a quick and easy way to build your gabions.

Wire Mesh

We regularly use our clinch clips when manufacturing our wire mesh products, their versatility and range of sizes mean then can be used with the smallest light weight wire meshes up to the heavy industrial wire mesh's.


Clinch clips video:

If you are looking for Encore Hartco clips for an application.

KYA will supply the full range of Encore Hartco clips fasteners and tools.

All Encore clips are compatible with old Hartco tools and Vertex tools.

Hartco clips are designed for use in bed manufacturing, furniture, building, fencing and lobster cage manufacturing.

Hartco clips consist of E-Clips, Clinch clips,J-Clips and Hartco Clips.

Hartco clips are available in coil clips and strip clips.


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