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TIG Welding Wire Copper Coated TIG Welding Wire Copper Coated


TIG Welding Wire Copper Coated

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ER70S-6 Gas Shielded Welding Wire is a kind of mild steel copper coated welding wire, suitable for 100% CO2 and Argon& CO2 mixed gas protective welding with stable feasibility, good welding seams, less spatters and excellent welding process properties.
When welding, the welding wire has fast melting speed, stable arc, less welding spatter, beautiful weld bead formation, strong anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, low sensitivity of cladding metal pores, and good all-position welding process.
Uses: used in large-scale hydraulic steel structures, ships, power stations, boilers and pressure vessels, petrochemicals.
  • 0.8mm-1.6mm

  • KYA


er70s 6 welding wire

TIG Welding Wire Copper Coated

● The carbon steel and low carbon steel welding wire used for the gas-shielded arc welding is characterized with the excellent welding performance.

● The wire feeding will be stable, and the welding seam will be formed beautifully.

● Moreover, the welding smoke and splash will be relatively moderate, the liquidity and crack resistance will be rather superior.

● The welding deslag will be thin and easy to be peeled off, at the meantime, the welding seam holds high tensile strength and excellent low-temperature impact resistance performance.

● Besides, it is applicable to the all-position( F, H, OH, V ) welding and a larger welding current range.

Welding Wire Specification

Name:  CO2 welding wire,SG2, Gas shielded welding wire ER50-6,AWS ER70S-6, DIN SG2, JIS YGW12;

Raw material: Mild steel,Carbon steel.

Surface:Copper coated , copper clad.

Application : Welding of mild steel material,shipb building, Arc welding etc.

Dia:  0.6mm, 0.8mm 0.9mm 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.6mm .

Packing: 5Kg,15Kg 20kg spool, 100~350kg drum, export seaworthy package.

Spool type: D270 or D300 plastic spool, K300 Metal spool.

Notes:  Wrapped in the black or white plastic spool, covered with the wax paper, then in PE bag and carton, and lay on pallet.

035 welding wire-1

Welding Wire Features

Gas Shielded Welding Wire ER70S-6 -- Main Characteristics:

1. Low welding costs.

2. High productivity and low electricity consumption.

3. Easy to operate. All-position welding.

4. Very low hydrogen content in the weld and lower nitrogen content. Excellent crack-resistance.

5. Little deformation after welding.

6. Wide applicability. Suitable for welding thin, medium and thick plates.

 Chemical Composition of Welding Wire (%):

C Mn Si S P Cu
   0.06~0.15  1.4~1.85  0.8~1.15   ≤0.035   ≤0.025      ≤0.50

Example of Chemical Composition of Deposited Metal(%):

C Mn Si S P Cu
    0.07     1.27   0.76   0.014   0.015     0.15

Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal:

Test Item Rm(MPa) ReLRp0.2(Mpa) A(%) KV2(J)
Guarantee Value ≥500 ≥420 ≥22 ≥27(-30ºC)
General Result 558 472 27 98

Reference Current (DC+):

Wire Size(mm) Welding Current(A) CO2 Flow Rate(L/min)
φ0.6  50~80  10~15 
φ0.8  50~100  15 
φ1.0  50~220 15~20
φ1.2  80~350  15~25
φ1.6  170~550 20~25




Widely used in the steel structure welding 

√ coal mine machinery,

√ ships,

√ engineering machinery,

√ bridges,

√ pressure vessels,

√ building construction

er70s 6 welding wire

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